An early fascination with Indian prints and fabric led us to want to create unique products that are gloriously Indian in their look and feel. That’s how No Strings Attached was born – to create something unique and different, and very very Indian.

No Strings Attached is proud to be a truly Indian-focused apparel and accessories brand; we use a variety of fabrics and prints, in vibrant colours and shades, to create Indian fusion clothing and accessories.

As our name suggests our creativity is “limitless”. Our products are handmade, unique and produced in limited quantities to cater to your tastes and needs. We’re happy to customise your favourite No Strings Attached product.

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Priya John

"Created and fashioned by Priya John, No Strings Attached aims to produce fusion clothing and accessories that celebrate Indian textiles. Influenced by her love for colours, prints and fabrics, Priya designs clothes and accessories using traditional Indian handcrafted cotton, handloom, block printed and hand embroidered fabrics. After completing her Masters in Arts, Priya did Business Administration and learnt the fine art of backing creativity with business acumen. "