The No Strings Attached Story

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Growing up, I was very fascinated by textiles, prints and colours. I loved Indian fabric, their texture and feel. But I inexplicably felt let down when I realised so many beautiful products were manufactured in bulk, losing their uniqueness in the process. This is simply the story of how No Strings Attached was born.

In this crammed market of style and fashion it was extremely hard for me to think of a gap that had not been exploited. But I did realise that there was a market for natural and easy clothes that complimented individual style, rather than being stylish in themselves. I wanted to present an eclectic mix of different styles and influences both in design and aesthetics, but be able to alter and adapt these for people.

My attempt was to offer a mélange of design – there’s a hint of pop art, a blend of warm Indian colours and prints, and just a little sprinkling of the mystic surreal. I want to create something unique and different Something familiar but…fresh!!

Who do I design for?

When I design, I always have an image in mind. I see an independent woman who is sure of herself, someone who is comfortable with her body. I see someone who is not bothered about trends. Someone who is fierce but at the same time feminine, I see someone who is confident and unaffected with people’s opinions of her. Someone who has soul, some who is not scared to tell her story.

At No Strings Attached, I celebrate this woman.

I see YOU..!

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