Cute & Pretty Packaging – LESS is always MORE..!!


I have always loved brown paper bags. There’s just something about its simplicity and “realness”. It feels like a throwback to a simpler time when your packages literally were wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.

I love when a handmade product comes mailed in simple, fun, pretty packaging. It’s easy to keep the focus on the product and eliminating excess wrapping/packaging to get rid of. Less is more.

True, many people think wrapping things in brown paper is boring and old fashioned, but you’d be surprised to see all the ways you can create wonderful gift wrapping and packaging by using a little imagination. Leave it to us to convince you that wrapping things in brown paper can be fun and creative.



Being creative with our packaging

NSA_blog2_insertimage2Our products and our packaging are a reflection of the brand we’ve created.

Brown paper bags are my favourite, especially when they are ‘dressed up’ with beautiful ‘accessories’. I’ve been ‘pinning’ some of my favorites on Pinterest for a while for inspiration when it came to packaging our products…and just couldn’t stop! There are SO many great ideas out there.

By presenting our products in simple, hand-designed bags, we know our customers will love the ease of getting to the product – no tearing through boxes and boring plastic wrapping for you, dear customer – and appreciate the lack of waste.

For a final personalised touch, there’s the No Strings Attached sticker – so you will always know it’s us!!

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